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Comprehensive tax services

There is no reason to pay more on taxes than you really have to. We will help you to utilize all possible tax-base reductions and tax-reductions and we will prepare tax returns in the format required by law.

We offer these tax services:

Tax services

Income tax – non-entrepreneurial person


We will prepare income tax return for you as non-entrepreneur person, if you have the obligation to file income tax return – e. g. when you have payroll income from employment without requesting an annual settlement, when concurrence of rental income occurs, when having capital income or other type of income. You will receive your income tax return from us in an electronic format (PDF / XML) or in paper form, if requested. We can advise you on any income tax issues (what is or is not subject to taxation, which documents are needed to prove income and circumstances related to the amount of tax optimization etc.). We can file your tax return personally or by registered post to your Tax Office, if you wish so.

Income tax - entrepreneur


We will prepare income tax return for you as entrepreneur or for person having income from employment and person having the concurrence of income from business and from other sources. We will prepare your income tax return as well as Yearly Reconciliation Reports for the Czech Social Security Administration) and for the appropriate Health insurance companies. You will receive your tax return from us in an electronic format (PDF/XML) or in paper form. We advise you on the tax issues (what is or is not subject to taxation, what documents are needed to prove income and circumstances related to the amount of tax optimization etc.). We can deliver your tax return to the Tax Office, if you wish so.

Corporate income tax – company


We will prepare tax return for corporate income tax for legal entities of all types and sizes. For the preparation of tax returns we will need specific financial information and exports gathered from your information system, if you do not let us directly keep your accounts in the system. We can advise you on the tax issues (tax deductibility, what is and is not subject to taxation, how to legally optimize the amount of tax etc.). You will receive your tax return from us in an electronic format (PDF / XML) or in paper form together with all the electronic documents and exports used by us for the calculation of tax liability - thus you will get your individual tax package for corporate income tax calculation.

Value added tax and other taxes


We provide comprehensive services in the field of VAT - preparing a complete list of VAT records, checking the VAT return in terms of the accuracy of items and their completeness, correctness check of the applied VAT regime, control of the status of trade partners in terms of VAT reliability and VAT registration, creation of VAT recapitulative report, creation of summary report, determination of correct VAT rate and the determination of taxable transactions, advice on specific VAT cases. You will receive all VAT returns from us in an electronic format (PDF /XML) or in paper form, if required. For other taxes we prepare tax return for road tax, property tax, tax on acquisition of real property and other taxes.

Tax services are accompanied by:

Tax registration


We will prepare for you all of the registration requirements for taxes and tax reporting obligations relating to tax and customs issues. We prepare annexes to these registrations or notifications that are either required as mandatory for these submissions, or that are in our experience required for successful execution of registration or notification. We will process any tax applications, such as tax requests for repayment schedule, request for reduction of advances, requests for binding assessment etc.

Preparation of tax payment orders and calendars


Our standard services include preparation of single and multiple payment orders relating to tax obligations for you in an electronic format (PDF, XML, ABO) and paper-based. In addition to the payment orders you receive from us your individual tax payment schedule in an electronic format (pdf/cal), which you can save to your mobile phone, Outlook, Gmail or another email administrator. No more lately or incorrectly paid taxes - with us you will reduce your tax risk and pay in time!

SMS and email notifications


We send notifications to clients about upcoming maturities of specific tax obligations via SMS or e-mail notification, if such notice is requested by our client. You can get such additional forms of notification about the maturity of your tax obligations - get payment and tax calendar, SMS notification, email notification. If you pay or you have to pay your taxes late, we can calculate the expected financial penalty issued by the Tax Office.

Extension of the deadline for tax filing


We can provide a service extension of the deadline for filing tax returns through our partner external tax advisor or external attorney. Thus you can get more time on resolving of missing, incomplete or problematic information and for filing all requested tax returns. In any case, from our side we do everything possible for filing your tax return even in the standard deadline in late March of the calendar year, if it is acceptable for you.

Online access to your tax account


We will help you get the online access to your tax accounts maintained by the respective tax authorities, if you have a qualified certificate or an official data box registration. If you do not have it, we can help you to obtain a qualified certificate or data box registration. With us you will have your taxes under control – at any moment you can look at individual transactions on your tax accounts and at the overall tax liability of individual taxes.

Interim regular estimate of taxes


We believe that it is important for you to have a running estimate of your tax liability already during the tax year - with us you will know at any moment the amount of tax you will pay after the period is over (income tax, social "insurance" contributions, health insurance). You may constantly have an idea about the amount of expected tax liability, for which you have to save some cash. By tax estimations we want to prevent stress and unpleasant surprises on your side.

Managing your data mailbox and archive taxes


With your permission we can make the administration of your data mailbox e.g. to send tax returns electronically (XML) on your behalf, printing and sending you a confirmation of mail delivery, we will inform you about received messages, we can arrange the backup of all messages through data archive. We also offer online access to your internal tax archive of all tax documents that we have ever prepared for you.

Tax planning and optimization


From our experience we know that to perform your tax planning and tax optimization is necessary as soon as possible. In tax planning we calculate the estimate of tax liabilities based on sophisticated simulation which takes into the consideration a variety of factors. By changing the values of factors we can automatically simulate the tax impact. Within the service tax optimization we can provide advices leading to legal optimization of your taxes.