Making your
and life easier.

Comprehensive accounting services

Correctly, completely and regularly managed accounting with emphasis on the contribution for you makes your business easier. We believe that with us you will know the difference between "ordinary" accountant and professional consultant. Accounting or tax records in our concept is not about entering documents and figures, but about creating values for you.

Tax services and tax optimization

Taxes accompany all of us, unfortunately, in many situations in life, but there is never a reason to pay more on taxes than you actually required by law. With us you will get professional service, where all tax returns and tax services are processed by an experienced professional with care for detail, completeness and accuracy.

Comprehensive Payroll Processing

Professional arrangement in wages makes satisfied employees, resulting in an overall positive atmosphere of your business. We provide comprehensive payroll services - from the entry of employees through monthly payroll preparation and tax accounting, and various mandatory payroll documents submissions to the exit of employees.

Managerial Accounting and Financial Analysis

Managerial approach to accounting and entrepreneurship is what distinguishes the able and wise owner or manager from someone who only thinks that business or company is being correctly managed. We have rich experience in international and domestic companies in the field of management accounting and modern financial analysis.

Controlling, Reporting and IFRS

Having accurate and regular financial information about your business in the form that you fully understand and that you like, it is joy. We give you advanced reports based on sophisticated technologies. We have detailed experience in controlling as modern business management tool.

Business Intelligence and Data Analysis

In many areas of human activity, we live in a period called “Big Data”, when even your business can generate a tremendous amount at first glance disparate information. Search for hidden connections and analysis in your favor and presentation of financial and non-financial information just for you is what we do and what we like.

Process analysis and implementation of ERP

Poorly designed processes produce paperwork that result in burdening and troubling you as business owner or manage. We believe that going through maximum automation of work while maintaining or improving efficiency is always worth it. We have experience with a wide range of economic and ERP systems. Having a good information system is a prerequisite for success.

Cash management and cash flow

Every business begins and ends with the question of sufficient funding for business because without money you cannot really do the business. Having enough spare cash for your business and personal life is one of the main objectives of your business. Your business is still (just) about money. We provide services in planning and managing cash flow.

Management of receivables and payables

Receivables represent a significant component of working capital, which significantly affects your cash flow, corporate liquidity and its economic value added. Liabilities represent part of the working capital (in terms of trade credit), the use of which is in favor of the company. With us you get a new modern look at the management of receivables and payables.

Comprehensive economic counseling

From preparing your business in the form of process analytical feasibility studies, preparation of contracts and the establishment of the company through the launch and implementation of the business to fulfilment of your entrepreneurial dreams - in every moment we are available through a comprehensive economic advice.