Making your
and life easier.

ERP projects and data migrations

Poorly designed or outdated processes always bring unnecessary administration that burdens you in business and in life.

Is it annoying for you that in the evenings as manager or business owner you need to do "business  paperwork "? You can see that employees are doing unnecessary mistakes? Believe us that a range of tasks and responsibilities could be done more efficiently and quickly. We will recommend such changes from which you can be happy.

Isn´t it better instead of unnecessary administration and unnecessary mistakes to set rules more transparent and faster circulation of information and documents in the company? Please do not hesitate to get advice from us.

Our clients use most often these services:

 • The design of effective circulation of accounting and other documents in order to minimize paperwork associated with formation and accelerate the flow of information.

• Process analysis and draft of modifications to the information system in order to automate processes, facilitate change, get better and more stable data.

• Draft of technical solution and implementation of the way of creating business documents.

Modern ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) as (not only economic) information programs represent the heart of every company. We have extensive experience using a wide range of both Czech ERP (Money, Pohoda, ABRA, Altus Vario and others) and foreign (Microsoft Navision, SUN, SAP and others).

We can assist you in selecting and implementing ERP.  We can be part of the project team. We can help you design processes for the high automation of work of the ERP users.

Don´t be afraid even of the modern ERP´s. Nemějte ani obavu z moderních ERP. When choosing the right partner, they can greatly facilitate business.