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Payroll Services

Comprehensive payroll services


Comprehensive management of payroll agenda including all required payroll administration involved - not only just a standard calculation of wages but also advisory concerning the methods of recording working time, approval and registration of holidays etc.

Cooperation over payroll documentation


We can provide drafts of payroll documents – we cooperate in the creation or revision of various payroll documents, various types of employment contracts, short-term job agreements, internal job descriptions, bonus schemes etc.

Employees job entry/exit


We ensure compliance with legal obligations at the entry of the employee and exit of an employee from your business to the relevant authorities (registration, deregistration, notification etc.). All these documents are submitted by us in written and electronical form.

Pension and tax obligations


We will process all pension obligations of our client as an employer (e.g. reconciliation sheets for pension insurance) and tax obligations related to payroll issues (e. g. the annual employee tax reconciliation, reconciliation of advance and withholding taxes).

Payment orders for payroll


We prepare payment orders for settlement of all payroll liabilities (net salaries, employee taxes, insurance etc.) in written or electronic form (pdf/xml/ABO). Such bank payment order is easily importable into your bank web-based application. We post all salary liabilities and connected transaction to the information system (ERP) on a monthly or on other time basis (posting concerngs accounting journal, liabilities module).

Payroll reports and exports


As a part of our standard services we send individual monthly payroll reports and exports consisting of wage slips – monthly, wage costs overview - single month value and cumulative values, paychecks for individual employees, reports on net or average wages etc. Together with mandatory wage reports submitted to the Authorities you can get a clear and complete picture about payroll costs and liabilities.

Representation of our client


We provide services of representing of our clients in negotiations with the relevant authorities such as the Czech Social Contributions Agency, Health insurance Agencies, Labour Office, Tax Office etc., if such participation is required or needed. The results of these negotiations with Local Authorities are submitted to the client in writing.

The issue of travel allowances


We provide services aimed on the calculation and management of travel allowances for domestic and foreign business trips, we use sophisticated smart form for calculation and reconciliation of travel expenses in order to reduce the administration connected with travel allowances. We also provide comprehensive advice on the issue of travel expenses.

Preparation of bonus scenarios


We cooperate on preparation of the individual corporate bonus scenarios (rewards) including continuous interim calculation of future bonuses (e. g. Quarterly or annual bonuses) depending on the performance of individual parameters. We account for bonus provisions or bonus accruals on regular basis.

Cooperation with the HR department


We intensively cooperate with the HR department on various issues in order to optimize payroll issues starting e.g. from payroll documents quality issues through preparation and implementation of bonus systems to monthly wages calculations and the preparation of specific HR and payroll reports.