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Management of receivables and liabilities

Receivables represent the most important component of working capital, which significantly affects your cash flow, overall corporate liquidity and its economic value added. 

Liabilities represent part of the working capital (in terms of trade credit), the use of which is in favor of the company.

Using these services will help to reduce the receivables turnover period and overally to improve your working capital:

• Analysis of current receivables and liabilities management and their current structures in terms of customers, maturity, security etc.

• Analysis of documentation based on which the claim arises (contracts, orders, service protocols etc.), respectively draft of better text of the documents in cooperation with legal advisor.

• Proposal for better categorization of clients and suppliers and their segmentation into groups according to their maturity.

• Draft of instruments to secure your transactions.

• Draft automated management reports for receivables and liabilities.

• Draft enforcement instruments in cooperation with the legal office.

Effective management of receivables and liabilities has direct impact on your free cash. With us you will know more.