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Management accounting

Managerial approach to accounting is something what differentiates smart owner or manager from someone who only thinks that the company is managed in a proper way.

With a well-prepared materials derived from your accounting and other data sources you are certainly informed in details but you also get a wider business perspective which is so important for all short-term and strategic decisions. 

Our clients use most often these services:

• Well-structured accounting (cost-centers, contracts, projects and other dimensions) and regularly updated accounting as a prerequisite for obtaining high-quality data base.

• Proposal for changes in the structure of accounting based on the process analysis and based on the analysis of key-factors affecting your business.

• Proposal of management accounting concept customized to the individual needs.

• Preparation of user management reports (CZ-GAAP and IFRS), design of technical solution and support during implementation.

• Finance analysis performed by a detailed assesment of the financial health of your business.

We will show you that in the opulent issue called "Management accounting" hides understandable concept and especially very useful source of information for managing the business.