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Controlling, IFRS, US-GAAP

Under these for a fair number of people unfamiliar concepts such as controlling and reporting hides the simple idea involving use highly modern methods of management of the company. Making decisions as a manager or business owner or entrepreneur is not easy without a quick and accessible information from different areas of the business

Now at this point we are talking about some form of controlling in terms of modern methods of financial management of the business. We can design and set these modern management methods for both small entrepreneurs as well as for at the level of large companies with a wide area of complex and sophisticated processes. The main goal is to combine financial and non-financial information from multiple sources so that you always have the most up to date overview of the most important information regarding your business and to be able to make quick decisions.

Reporting is the presentation of some form of information. We believe that long texts and commentaries now almost nobody reads. The simplest form of presentation is often the most effective, and therefore on the basis of very sophisticated techniques and modern means we can tell you exactly the financial information you need to know in a nice graphical coat.

Do you want us to send reports to your email on regulal basis? Not a problem. Do you want to have them available online from anywhere? You got it. Do you want to have your reports  viewable directly on your tables or smartphone ? No problem. We can also provide reports in a real mode, where what you can see on screen is the actual fact recognized in the accounting/other databases. We can also provide live reports, which can by just by one touch on the screen automatically adapted to your needs.

Our clients use most often these services:

• Draft the best form of reporting (terms, method of delivery, content).

• System design of corporate controlling and reporting according to specific business needs, which presents relevant information and results in an easy understandable structure.

• Draft planning and budgeting system built on the basis of the proposed controlling.

• Draft of a technical solution for mobile reporting (live financial and non-financial reports viewable on smartphones and tablets running Android, iOS and Windows).


In this area, we have extensive experience and of course we have the relevant certification (Chartered Controller, IFRS Specialist). 


Don´t be afraid of controlling and reporting. They might hide behind them very valuable information for your business.