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About us

Who we are?

Hardworking, fair, trustworthy, helpful and flexible people with a good heart who fight fiercely for the clients.

We have over 16 years of rich experience in the finance field and connected areas (process management, order management, stock management, legal, IT and HR issues etc.) and we focus on the management and optimization of advanced accounting and taxation, restructuring of accounting, on reduction of administrative burden by implementing of automation in the business processes, on management accounting, on controlling, data analysis and advanced reporting for small businesses and mid-sized corporations, we offer comprehensive payroll services and we can advise you in many aspects of your business at every stage of life.

Comprehensive services include - in case if it is really necessary - mediated legal, IT, HR, tax, or other expert advices so as to our clients have everything under control as much as possible. We are pleased to collaborate with colleagues from our professional field as from related fields.

We have a university degrees in the finance field, extensive experience from local and international companies (auditing company, tax offices, German and Czech manufacturing companies, development companies) and we obtained professional certifications like Czech Accounting (Association of Accountants) and the International Accounting (ACCA student) through certification of Czech Payroll Processing through the international financial reporting standard (IFRS Specialist) and information technology (Microsoft products) to the certification of controlling (Chartered Controller) and modern analytical instruments (Business Intelligence).

We do not rest on our laurels, and therefore we constantly respond and adapt to changing conditions, realities and needs, so that lifelong learning is a written rule for us.

We want our clients´ satisfaction to speak for us.

What is our vision?

Our goal and vision is a long-term cooperation leading to satisfied and happy client, when our services cover not only accounting and taxes, but after various small steps we will guide you to make your business easier.  To have the right information at the right time for your fast and confident decisions for us is an important goal. Together we will successfully address, face and solve various administrative, procedural, legal and tax demands made on you during business.

We cover many areas, so that we will become your "shelter". Whether it's accounting, tax, legal, financial, or a reporting issue, we will stand by you and assist you as much as we can.

We want to get to know you as our client. We want to understand your visions and desires and to assist to fulfill them. We want to know about your business troubles and pleasures. We want to be at your side when you're building and expanding your business. We want to be at your side when you celebrate success. We want to be at your side when you face failures and start a new business.

We do not think, therefore, that our services are just a mere accounting delivered at a time when everything has already taken place. We concern about our individual precise work, about on-line modern accounting, reporting with the easiest access to information for your decision-making, about modern mobile applications, about gradual work automation and process settings for a small businessman or company so that everything gives much greater meaning. Your accounting is really yours! It therefore has to serve you.

We are not "just" accounting company. We want to be in your eyes more - polite, experienced, flexible and willing partner that you can rely on. It does not matter whether you're an individual entrepreneur, small or large company. For us, you are always an important partner.

We care about you in your business and in your efforts to fulfill your dreams come true. We will recommend such a solution, which will save your time, increase your confidence, reduce stress and allow you to devote more to your business and family.

With us you we make your business easier!


Why with us?