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Our company provides professional consulting services at the highest level for clients of all types and sizes. The basis of our work is to provide comprehensive accounting and tax consultancy, statutory financial and management accounting, tax return preparation and dealing with tax matters, payroll processing, implementation of modern controlling and online reporting, data analysis, process automation and administrative burden reduction including related services.


We precisely look at the needs and requirements of our clients from multiple directions, and we have created a network of experienced and efficient collaborating specialists. We cooperate with expert partner companies and persons from legal, IT, auditing, tax and other connected areas.


We are experienced and reliable partner who is always at your disposal with our practical recommendations and suggestions for efficient solutions. With us you will get an optimal individual package of services exactly for your needs from services like accounting, wages, taxes, legal solutions, to IT consultations and to highly advanced tools and applications that will provide you with the information that you need and that can make your business and life easier - perfect package just for you. The greatest benefit is the time you can devote yourself and your family, and the awareness that your business issues are fully under control.


What can you expect from us?  


Every client is important to us. We offer to our clients a highly individual approach, which in our concept represents the creation of real values ​​for you. We are flexible, reliable, modern, creative, we want to listen to you and we can help you. We are ready to maintain your accounting or tax records, provide comprehensive payroll and tax services, perform valuable reporting, controlling, Business Intelligence, process changes, streamline your accounting and related agenda, prepare you for merger, acquisition, start up your business, or provide expert economic and related consultancy.  


We do our best to be not only a supplier of accounting, tax and other services and similar solutions, but your long-term partner that depends on your success. Our clients know how beneficial the collaboration is with us. We can invent an unusual solution to solve your worries and needs, we can automate your day-to-day business administration, we can make sure that you get online access to your documents and accounts every day. We can identify and resolve issues that are not related at first glance.

We are modern and efficient  


Through modern technology, we always strive to increase efficiency and reduce costs. We use licensed, up-to-date, information-based economic systems (ERPs), which we regularly backed up to geographically and hardware-separated locations every day and are which are fully controlled by us at our server. Both your and our data are safe. We use Czech professional tax software for processing tax matters and Czech professional payroll software for payroll processing.  We use encrypted on-line cloud-based solutions for real-time work.

We are ready for GDPR and we have an internal methodology for processing your personal data. We use hi-tech enterprise data encryption tools and data management tools. Our websites are protected by Domain Certificate encryption, so you are joining us like joining a bank website.


We are convinced that you should try and use our regular online reports and dashboards on the financial and non-financial results of your business that are affordable for you. For analyzes and reporting, we use only the most up-to-date hi-tech analytical tools that allow us to present the outputs in a visually very attractive form. Information can be displayed in real time on your phone, tablet, PC or laptop display in the form of customizable graphs and spreadsheets. You can make fast and occurate decisions based on these dashboards. Everything will be done by us and you will have your daily updated information always at your hand, wherever you are.


Benefits at affordable prices  


Accounting and economic services in our concept are no longer about delivering documents in paper form only - with us, your accounting and your business administration will get a modern look and feel at affordable prices for everyone. Our goal is to achieve maximum automation of work and related tasks, bringing you a number of benefits, such as saving your time and money, updating your data regularly, and having the opportunity to have important information at hand, or to use synergies and to have all services in one place, from accounting, payroll, taxes, legal to IT and to modern applications and Business Intelligence.


You can use our client portal and mobile app to keep all your documents in one place at hand. You can search in your documents not only by name but also by content. You can communicate with us electronically, attach documents and be informed about the processing status. We use electronic signatures with qualified electronic certificates, e-signatures in accordance with eIDAS and time stamps. We use xml transfers and automatic data imports that transfer thousands of documents to us, so you do not have to pay for each document.  


Your TrimmTax team.

You can use our client online portal and mobile application

You can have all your documents always with you at our encrypted client portal. You can search documents not only by name but also by a content. You can add or request document. Go paperless!

Our Services

Accounting services

Modern accounting services tailored to your business needs, including digitization of documents, online portal and mobile application.

Tax services

Processing of tax returns, including international taxation. Tax optimizations. Tax estimations and dealing with tax administration.

Payroll services

Processing of comprehensive payroll agenda. Optimization of remuneration structure and wage costs. Creation of payroll documentation.

Management Accounting

Management accounting accurately monitoring the purpose of the costs incurred and their detailed structure. Analysis of deviations.

Controlling, IFRS, US-GAAP

Specialized services of an experienced controller. Monitoring, analysis and modern online reporting of key business indicators.

Business Intelligence

Hi-tech modern analytical tools that bring you daily information of vital importance. Visually attractive dashboards.

ERP projects and data migrations

Detailed experience with ERP implementation as project team members. Complex data migrations, business processes optimizations.

Cash-flow optimization

Detailed planning, tracking and optimization of cash-flow. Identification and analysis of deviations and their causes, solution design.

Management of receivables and liabilities

Analysis and solution design for optimization of working capital. Draft of your contractual documentation in cooperation with a law firm.


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